‘I was raped as a student — and I’m not the only one’

When Hannah Cost was sexually ambushed as a understudy, she felt incapable to report it. She has since found she is distant from alone — which sexual attack may be distant more common on campus than official figures propose.

I do not keep in mind being instructed around assent at school, other than “No implies no.” What I do keep in mind is being told not to walk domestic on my possess, or I’d hazard being assaulted by a stranger in a dim rear way. But when I was assaulted it was not within the road, but in my claim understudy house, and I had taken the safeguard of being strolled domestic by somebody I knew.

It was the primary social occasion of that scholastic year at the College of Bristol and it had been a fun night. It was everyone’s top pick time of term — addresses had not appropriately started and due dates were still distant from our minds. I drank, chuckled and moved until I was prepared for rest.

As I was taking off the club, a fellow too at the social said he lived close me and advertised to walk me domestic. Strolling domestic alone, late at night, within the dull was something I effectively attempted to dodge, so I happily acknowledged his offer. We’d as it were met many weeks some time recently, so discussion was light — we chatted approximately the night and what to anticipate within the unused term.

When we got to the steps that led up to my house, he politely asked if he could pop inside for a glass of water because he was feeling unwell. Maybe this is when I should have heard alarm bells, but even as I was pouring the drink in my kitchen nothing struck me as amiss. Not until after he’d finished the water, and the pretence was over.

With his to begin with request to go to my room, came my to begin with rebuke — my to begin with talked “No.”

To this day, it still strikes me how a charming mask can so rapidly scatter, and turn into animosity.

In spite of my refusal to go to my room, and my rehashed endeavors to urge him to take off, he was persistent: “Why would you let me in on the off chance that you didn’t need something to happen?”

The more I said I wasn’t interested, the more powerful he got to be. I misplaced number of how numerous times I said “No”. And after that abruptly there was somebody physically more grounded than me, denying to take off until he got what he needed. His hand gotten my arm so furiously that it got to be immediately clear that his intentions had never been to urge me domestic securely.

It could be a interesting feeling, being so incapacitated by fear in your possess living room. In that moment, I figured it out saying “No” wasn’t planning to be enough.

He took off my tights. When he was done he at long last cleared out.

The another day I bolted myself in my room, as it were taking off to shower absent the updates of the night some time recently. I lay there overpowered with nauseate, self-blame and blame.-

Taking away autonomy from a survivor of sexual violence is a further betrayal of that survivor. Rather than help a survivor heal, institutional rules for required reporting can actually further victimize survivors of sexual violence.💔


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